Rebels Without Causes: America’s Madness and its Repercussions

Maryam Ismail
5 min readAug 6, 2020

Maryam Ismail

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It is time to face it, this pandemic is a disaster on many levels; economies are falling apart, many are stranded away from loved ones, people are dying and others are getting sick; and in many cases, simply because they are hardheaded. Which is simply stupid.

And as always, America has led the way, but in this case, the apt title for this episode of their role as global leaders is, Things Fall Apart. Where, like in the novel, by Chinua Achebe, the protagonist’s pride, fear, and anger, leads to his one destruction and that of his entire village. Switch out Ikemefuna for Trump, and the Evil Forest for Main Street, USA; then, it is easy see how a nation abandoned by their leader is falling apart all over the place.

Global Madness

After the wacky protests in Florida against wearing face masks, much was fueled by a motley mix of conspiracy theorists and Covid-19 deniers. As a result, America at the moment is looking like the land of crazed fools. The madness has now been exported to Germany where protesters are also have anti-mask protests and represents the death of freedom. Protests don’t help because the put others in harm’s way. Crowded, places where people stand side by side in the heat shouting and spreading the virus. The facts are in: masks are the best, proven, protection against the Coronavirus, when out in public. Another searing proof the US has the highest infection in the United States at the moment, mostly as a result of such reckless behavior.

This Corona life is difficult enough and these folks just add extra stress. I get it; wearing a mask is awful, especially in the summer heat. Each time, I put one on, I say a prayer for those who have to work and wear one all day, every day. Nevertheless, it has to be done. And now there are so many styles to choose from. So, why not try some?

The American Ban

Americans are banned from entering the EU nations as well as others? I am quite shocked. This means two things: Trump has got to go and Americans have to get serious about Covid19. There is no other choice. Take a look at Italy, they were locked in their houses for more than a month and they turned their devastation around. Americans on the other…

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