Here’s a Shout Out to Those Sportin’ Their Age With Pride

Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

I was watching the film Desperate Hour, starring Naomi Watts and noticed how her face has aged but it looks so natural. It was refreshing. Checkout her Gram, she looks pretty real.

Botox, fillers, and cheeks as wide as car garage doors have almost become the norm. What happened to aging gracefully, or better yet, just loving who you are and the way you look? A while back, a friend of mine got her teeth done, they looked pretty natural, but she said, the pain of it made her think, if she had to do again, she wouldn’t. Even I, with my bull dog tooth and slight gap, look in the mirror and think maybe I should pay “Hollywood Smile dental center a visit, but then again, that would cost Hollywood smile money, which, I don’t have and will I still be the old me?

I have been consuming a lot of British TV lately and have noticed, that those gals love their lip fillers and other face enhancements. And to think, when I was small, thick lips was a fatal flaw, that got you made fun of. Mona Haydar in her song, Barbarians, sings about her own experience and how times have changed. But I digress.

In many cases, these women and men, who go through these procedures, don’t look better, they just look weird.

These days, there are many things working against our skin, if the sun doesn’t get you, they the radiation of your phone and your laptop will. And yet, I cannot do without them. But there is hope.

I try to give myself breaks and keep up with moisturizing cleansers. But when it comes to doing extra treatments to look younger, hmm, the most I will do is tighten my headscarf since it pulls my forehead back a bit, other than that, I guess, I will just let nature take its course and pray that my Grandma’s great genes just kick in.

So, here’s to those who don’t mind a little wrinkles in their reflection.

Like Dame Helen Mirren, Me, my friend Liz Seaton Frankfort, and all of those brave Dames out there who face the world without fillers and revel in their natural beauty.



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Maryam Ismail

Maryam Ismail

Mom. Journalist. Pizza maker New School for Social Research Alum, MA in Sociology and Historical Studies.