How George Floyd’s death exposes the settler/native relationship between African Americans and the relationship between immigrant business owners.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

The death of George Floyd is really terrifying, but what is worst, is people watched it, filmed it, and did nothing. This is like a Turkish cartoon that I saw, where a couple sees a house on fire and the husband asks the wife, “Did you call the fire department…

You give me courage to write.

Image created by Jake Nash

For my small, but magnificent group of followers and editors, commenters and clappers. I just wanted to write a note of thanks. For those who gave me a boost by with your claps, your highlights, and especially your comments, I must say a long overdue, Thank You ❤. …

Unless we have paid, personal detectives to find our roots, will lead to nothing but dead ends.

As one who spent weeks looking for my family on, I know much of the available information can be easily found on a basic Google search, so, why do we even need, when it’s just an algorithm based website that matches people who have similar searches?They …

Taking a page out of Richard Williams’ master plan for success.

Five African American Girls, one holding a trophy in her hand. On the right of the girls is their coach, Paul Cohen, played by Tony Goldwynn, he is wearing a red T-shirt and white jacket. He is smiling for the camera. One the extreme left, Brandi Oracene Williams, played by the actress, Aujanue Ellis. Taken from the film King Richard, the story of world famous tennis champions, Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard Williams and how he trained his daughters to be tennis greats.
Photo credit: King Richard, Warner Brothers

“You know, you had these people who had this insane, unbelievable, dream. Imagine, this man says, I am going to have two daughters for the purpose of them becoming Wimbledon Champs. That was his manifesto, and he presented it to his wife, Miss Oracene. Who said, ‘That sounds like a…

Maryam Ismail

Mom. Writer. Journalist. Pizzamaker.

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