How George Floyd’s death exposes the settler/native relationship between African Americans and the relationship between immigrant business owners.

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The death of George Floyd is really terrifying, but what is worst, is people watched it, filmed it, and did nothing. This is like a Turkish cartoon that I saw, where a couple sees a house on fire and the husband asks the wife, “Did you call the fire department…

You give me courage to write.

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For my small, but magnificent group of followers and editors, commenters and clappers. I just wanted to write a note of thanks. For those who gave me a boost by with your claps, your highlights, and especially your comments, I must say a long overdue, Thank You ❤. …


Meet the First Lady of the genre, Leila Aboulela

photo credit: Leila Aboulela

Halal fiction is what some might call clean-there’s no sex, no vulgarity, almost no cussing, and don’t worry, its not B-word (AKA; boring). There a few other authors within the genre, but Aboulela, is the most prolific.

She is a sort of down-low, Muslim literary icon, because her work is…

Imagination is the Tool to Seed My Reality

After the smoke dissipated from the sky and everyone washed the dust off their faces, and they ran to pick up the nearest thing to run out and kill somebody, I had two choices, fall down or stand firm.

I chose the latter. It was a hard choice. Sometimes, I feel like one of those inflated, round bottomed, punching dummies, where you hit them, and they bounce right back up.

I am good at bouncing back. Perhaps too good.

Thanks to Jean Carfantan, who created this prompt and challenged me to seed my imagination and write about standing firm in my spirituality. So, this is my story:

This is not one to break stereotypes, this is one about telling the truth. The truth is being Muslim…

Maryam Ismail

Mom. Writer. Journalist. Pizzamaker.

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