My battle against Covid19

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My oxygen level was at 60,
I felt as if I was going to have a stroke.
I saw death
I felt the demons, betting on my soul.
They circled me like hunger vultures
Then a friend called me and said,
“Fight back, don’t let them win. Just pray, now matter what.”
I did and, that was the beginning of my return, back to life.

I did, as he said,
I fought back,

They’d hit
And I hit back

My oxygen levels began to rise, I thought I was winning and then, The doctor said, “We…

A Flashback of an American life

Photo by Matthew Fassnacht on Unsplash

Standing on the porch, across from the Blue Ribbon factory,
up on the Ave,
I am, free as a bird, watching the cars go by.
The rush hour crowd is put on pause, as it waits for the light at the corner to

They seem so lonely,
But are trying to look unbothered.

One checks her make-up.
One is keeping his nose clean.
One turns, looks at me,
I look back, and wave.

Stanley, with the long blond hair, from Jimmy’s hot dog stand down the block, cruises up, he too is waiting for the light. Car window open…

How George Floyd’s death exposes the settler/native relationship between African Americans and the relationship between immigrant business owners.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

The death of George Floyd is really terrifying, but what is worst, is people watched it, filmed it, and did nothing. This is like a Turkish cartoon that I saw, where a couple sees a house on fire and the husband asks the wife, “Did you call the fire department? “No, I posted it on Twitter,” she replied.

Similarly, we, who witness these crimes, are pretending, as if hashtags and the social media protest of those who have no real experience living as an African American in the day-to-day structural violence of a white supremacist society can really affect change…

You give me courage to write.

Image created by Jake Nash

For my small, but magnificent group of followers and editors, commenters and clappers. I just wanted to write a note of thanks. For those who gave me a boost by with your claps, your highlights, and especially your comments, I must say a long overdue, Thank You ❤. I really appreciate you all for taking the time to tap out a little love and joy, even when you don’t agree, with me, it is all good.

You make me grow and learn. I am so honored to be in your circle. To my first commenter, Jean Carfantan, your comment was…

Me, laughing as always

I guess you can tell from my picture that I am …… fill in the blanks. It’s ok. I don’t mind. Now, let me tell you the real deal.

I didn’t drink coffee until I was 26 years old, I am a mother of two girls and two boys. I love all things Turkish, some things Arabic, give me any language and I will try it. Oh, and, I am Muslim, all day ev’ry day.

Also, I am a journalist and former writer at the National Newspaper in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

No. I am not Arab. I am…

Thanks to recently reading, The Idiot’s Delight, I have become slightly versed in Italian, since it is on almost every page.. So, this was quite fun to read and enjoy.

Fugitives, devious specters, bumbling fools, and utter failures. These are some of the latest depictions of mothers in film and media, and now it looks it has seeped into everyday life.

Photo by Sarah Ardin on Unsplash

The recent New York Times article, the Primal Scream, is about women who are stuck at home with their kids, as a result of the pandemic. For some, they are meeting their children and husbands for the first time, and they at their wits’ end. It is a great couple of essays, however, there is too much focus on the bad side of mommyhood.

Calling from the Iron Cage of Motherhood

From the screaming voice messages…

Let’s not repeat this in 2024

Photo by little plant on Unsplash

The founding fathers understood, if majority of everyday folks had a direct vote it would lead to chaos. Jamuary 8th, and the storm on the White House proved, they were right. For now, the madness, has subsided with the election of Biden, but in 2024, it could start all over a gain. We need to get ready, so it doesn’t happen a gain.


After watching the debate, I had to admit, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They had more underhanded tactics than a roller derby; first the ‘Bill Clinton sexual harassment victims,’ were touted out to embarrass Hilary…

Maryam Ismail

Journalist. I’ve written mostly on culture, society, and education in the Middle East.

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